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CAse study portfolio

Case Study No. 8 Enabling works, clearing a site for development

Case Study: Transforming land into modular housing for homeless individuals


Henwood car park, located in Ashford, Kent, was identified as a potential site for the development of modular housing units to provide shelter for homeless individuals in the community. The initiative aimed to address the pressing issue of homelessness while also utilising sustainable and innovative housing solutions.

Initial Project Plan.

The project involved the clearance of certain trees within the designated area to make space for the construction of the modular housing units. Detailed plans were drawn up, including a Tree Works Schedule and accompanying drawings, outlining which trees were to be felled and which were to undergo crown-lifting.

Encounter with Nesting Birds:

During the initial phase of the project, when the first tranche of work was carried out, an ecologist was present on site to monitor the environmental impact of the tree clearance activities. It was during this assessment that nesting birds were observed in one of the trees marked for felling.

Decision and Action:

In accordance with environmental regulations and best practices, it was immediately decided that the tree housing the nesting birds could not be felled until the nesting period was over. Disturbing nesting birds during their breeding season could have negative consequences on their population and violate legal protections for wildlife.

Return Visit and Felling Process:

Several months later, after consulting with the ecologist and ensuring that the nesting period had passed, a return visit was made to the site to carry out the felling of the tree. Prior to felling, thorough checks were conducted to ensure that no nesting birds were present in the tree. Special care was taken to avoid any disturbance to wildlife during this process.


The project to develop modular housing units for homeless individuals at Henwood car park exemplifies the importance of balancing social needs with environmental considerations. By working closely with experts such as ecologists and adhering to regulations regarding wildlife protection, the project was able to proceed in a responsible and sustainable manner. The successful completion of the project not only provided much-needed housing for the homeless but also demonstrated a commitment to preserving and respecting the natural environment.

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