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Case Study No. 14 Rural Ashford tree management

Case Study: Expert Tree Management in Rural Settings by About Trees Ltd

Project Overview
At About Trees Ltd, we specialise in delivering professional tree care and management services across various settings, with a strong emphasis on rural residential estates. This case study details our comprehensive approach to managing a diverse range of tree species on a private rural property, demonstrating our commitment to enhancing tree health, safety, and aesthetics in line with the highest industry standards.

Enhancing Rural Landscapes
Our project at a secluded rural estate encompassed a full spectrum of arboricultural services tailored to the unique needs of rural environments. Services provided included:

– Crown Reduction and Lifting: Ensuring clear access and safety around the property, particularly around the drive entrance, we expertly reduced the crown of mature Hawthorn trees and lifted branches to enhance both appearance and accessibility.

– Hedge and Height Management: We meticulously managed Leyland Cypress hedges, reducing their height and shaping them to provide a structured yet natural border that complements the rural landscape.

– Selective Crown Reduction: For larger species like the London Plane and Wild Cherry, our team performed careful crown reductions, taking into account each tree’s structural integrity and aesthetic role within the estate.

– Tree Felling and Pollarding: Addressing safety and space management, we removed unhealthy trees and applied pollarding techniques to Weeping Willows to maintain their form and health, integral to the estate’s waterside aesthetics.

Project Methodology
Our approach combines advanced arboricultural techniques with a deep understanding of rural ecology. We prioritise:

– Environmental Assessment: Each tree is assessed for health and environmental impact before any action is taken, ensuring our work supports the local ecosystem.
– Advanced Arboricultural Practices: Using modern equipment and methods, our certified arborists work efficiently to achieve the best outcomes with minimal disruption.
– Collaboration and Compliance: We liaise with UK Power Networks and local authorities to ensure all work is safe and compliant with BS 3998(2010) standards.

Client Satisfaction and Outcomes
The completion of our project not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal and safety of the rural estate but also significantly improved the health of its trees. Client feedback praises our professionalism and the noticeable improvements in their landscape, reinforcing About Trees Ltd as a leader in rural tree care.

For property owners in rural areas seeking expert tree management services, About Trees Ltd offers unmatched expertise and results. Visit our website to learn more about our services or contact us directly to discuss how we can assist with your tree care needs.


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