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At About Trees Ltd., transparency is our priority. Scroll down to discover detailed pricing for specific jobs, ensuring clarity and confidence in our services. Whether you’re in need of tree pruning, tree feling, stump removal, or emergency tree care, find the right pricing to fit your budget and needs. Don’t hesitate, scroll down now and plan your next tree care project with ease.

We have a Technician member of the Arboriculture Association (TechArborA) on board the company ensuring the highest quality advice is given. We follow advice from industry bodies such as AFAG, FISA and LLANTRA.

Most importantly all our work is carried out to British Standards 3998 (2010) Recommendations for Tree work

Our Prices

At About Trees Ltd., providing accurate job cost estimates normally necessitates an on-site evaluation. However, for your convenience, our rates generally fall between £250 and £400 per person per day. Teams consisting of three proficient, qualified and insured tree surgeons are priced approximately at £750 to £1200 per day. Please note that costs vary based on the specific requirements of each job. Below, we offer an approximate breakdown to assist you in anticipating expenses.

A subject close to our hearts. Tree care starts with the planting of new fresh vibrant trees, we encourage tree planting at every given opportunity.

Every client (private or commercial) of about…trees is asked if they have thought about planting a tree and if we can help them do so. It’s amazing how many of them react positively to this suggestion.

From large tree planting schemes, re-instating hedges to planting single specimen trees we have undertaken them all, in fact about…trees jumps at the opportunity to get those roots in the ground. We always purchase the best stock we can find for you. As a company we are proud to be adding to Kent’s tree population.

about…trees understands that this may be the first time that you have had to use tree surgeons

Due to the complex nature of tree work a suitable job specification and an accurate quote can only be provided after a site visit. At these site visits we endeavour to spend as much time with you as possible to find out your needs, explaining how we can help, and discuss the best approach for any given situation.

You will then be provided with a written quote detailing what specification is suitable for your desires and tree species. This service is provided free of charge. It is not possible to be accurate with job descriptions and prices over the telephone as there are so many variables in every job.

On complex jobs we are only too happy to make further site visits; a little time spent with you at the beginning of the process can make everyone’s life easier.

There are many Conservation areas Kent, if you live in a Conservation area your trees will be protected, this means that any tree surgery works that you may want carried out will have to have a formal planning application lodged with your council, detailing what works you require doing. This can be a complex undertaking depending where you live with site plans and location maps as well as reports and detailed descriptions needing to be provided. This is a service that about…trees provides for free.

You may not live in a conservation area however your tree could still be protected. TPO’s (Tree Preservation Orders) are placed on trees by the local council to protect any tree that has a strong amenity value. Maybe it’s a rare specimen of a particular species or that it’s just the only tree in the vicinity. An application also has to be made to carry out works on these trees be it from tree pruning to tree felling, every TPO application has to include; site plans and location maps as well as reports and detailed descriptions of proposed work. about…trees will undertake this on your behalf for free. There are exemptions to TPO’s and Conservation area protections, these are if the tree is dead, dying or dangerous.

Because about…trees does this in the correct way and does not cut corners we have built up a good working relationship and reputation amongst the various Kent council tree officers that we deal with on weekly basis.

Below are some definitions of what Arboriculture is:

Arboriculture .Noun: the cultivation of trees or shrubs [Latin arbor tree + culture]

Arboriculture is the cultivation and management of trees within the landscape. This includes the study of how trees grow and respond to cultural practices and the environment, as well as application of cultural techniques such as selection, planting, care, surgery and removal.

The main focus of arboriculture is amenity trees; such trees are maintained primarily for landscape purposes for the benefit of human beings. Amenity trees are usually in gardens, parks or urban settings, and arboriculture involves aspects of plant health, pest and pathogen control, risk management, and aesthetic considerations. Trees offer cultural and natural heritage benefits beyond production of wood products; for this reason, arboriculture needs to be distinguished from forestry, which is the commercial production and use of timber and other forest products from plantations and forests.

Practitioners of Arboriculture are called “Arborists” commonly known as Tree Surgeons.