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Case Study No. 12 Lots of TPO trees to deal with at a site in Essex.

Case Study: Comprehensive Tree Maintenance and Removal Project by About Trees Ltd.

Project Overview:
About Trees Ltd. successfully completed a comprehensive tree management project in a commercial area comprising a car park, bridge, and exit road. This project aimed to enhance safety, aesthetics, and environmental sustainability by addressing issues such as deadwood removal, crown lifting, and mitigating the impact of Ash Dieback disease.

Client Background:
Our client, a prominent brewery, engaged About Trees Ltd. to assess and manage the trees within their commercial premises. Concerns over safety hazards posed by deadwood and potential structural issues prompted the need for professional intervention.

Scope of Work:
The project encompassed several key areas within the commercial premises, each requiring specific tree management interventions:

1. Car Park Area:
About Trees Ltd. conducted crown lifting of Quercus robur (Pendunculate oak) trees to 5m AGL over parking bays, accompanied by the removal of major deadwood. Similarly, for Fraxinus excelsior (Common ash) trees, major deadwood removal from the crown was prioritized to ensure a safe parking environment.

2. Bridge Maintenance:
To address safety concerns and prevent over-silting of the bridge, About Trees Ltd. identified and felled two self-seeded Fraxinus excelsior (Common ash) trees, growing from the riverbank. This action also mitigated potential conflicts with overhead cables.

3. Exit Road Enhancements:
Along the exit road, various tree species required targeted interventions. About Trees Ltd. executed branch removals and crown lifting for Fraxinus excelsior (Common ash), Quercus robur (Pendunculate oak), and Ulmus spp. (Elm) trees to ensure safe passage and prevent damage to infrastructure.

4. Ash Dieback Mitigation:
Notably, several Fraxinus excelsior (Common ash) trees showed signs of Ash Dieback disease. About Trees Ltd. recommended and executed the removal of affected trees, with ongoing monitoring and assessment planned for remaining ash trees.

Challenges Faced:
Navigating operational challenges such as traffic management requirements and road closures posed logistical hurdles during tree maintenance activities. However, About Trees Ltd. successfully coordinated with relevant authorities to ensure safe and efficient execution of the project.

Moreover, during the project, the local council identified historic unsanctioned work on several Trees Preservation Order (TPO) trees within the premises. Recognising the seriousness of the situation, About Trees Ltd. promptly liaised with the Local Planning Authority (LPA) to address the issue and mitigate potential legal ramifications.

Penalties for Unsanctioned Work on TPO Trees:
It’s crucial to note that pruning or conducting any work on TPO trees without proper permission from the relevant authorities is a violation of regulations. Penalties for such actions can include hefty fines, restoration requirements, or legal proceedings. About Trees Ltd. recognises the importance of compliance with TPO regulations and ensures that all tree management activities adhere to legal requirements and permissions.

Tree Replacement Initiative:
In adherence to environmental stewardship principles, About Trees Ltd. initiated a tree replacement program following the removal of an Ash tree affected by Ash Dieback disease. A Betula pendula (Silver Birch) tree was carefully selected and planted as a replacement, contributing to the preservation of green spaces and ecosystem balance within the commercial premises.

Outcomes and Recommendations:
About Trees Ltd.’s diligent efforts resulted in enhanced safety and aesthetics within the commercial premises. The proactive approach to addressing Ash Dieback disease through tree removal and ongoing monitoring reflects the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship and client satisfaction. Continuous assessment and maintenance are recommended to sustain the achieved improvements and mitigate future risks effectively.

The tree maintenance and removal project undertaken by About Trees Ltd. exemplifies the company’s expertise in arboriculture and commitment to delivering high-quality services tailored to client needs. Through meticulous planning, execution, and ongoing monitoring, the project achieved its objectives of enhancing safety and preserving the natural environment, thereby earning accolades from the client and stakeholders. About Trees Ltd. remains dedicated to upholding regulatory compliance, environmental stewardship, and sustainable practices in all its projects.

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