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Easter works

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Easter works

Whenever schools and colleges are closed for term breaks, we jump on in there. Tree surgery is a noisy and dangerous job, we always choose to carry out safety tree cutting at schools and colleges during the term breaks. It’s just so much easier, quicker and ultimately safer.

Tree surgery always attracts attention and having as few people around to worry about when carry out these dangerous tasks really helps.

This Easter term break will see a team at a large contract (over 7 days) in Broadstairs, at Broadstairs College and a few smaller contacts (under 2days) at schools in the Canterbury district. In Broadstairs will will be dealing with H&S work following a recent tree safety survey, this mainly involves the removal of dead wood and dead trees. There are a few trees to be felled that are causing damage to the infrastructure of the college and neighbouring buildings, namely a Monterey cypress and Tree of Heaven. Despite its rather lovely name, the Tree of Heaven is a bit of a brute, in fact it’s a pest. It’s very invasive and doesn’t let too much get in it’s way – even pavements and concrete

This time of year is tricky when approaching tree cutting, especially tree removal. We have to mindful of birds nesting season that runs from March- October. It is illegal for us to damage, move or disrupt active birds nests (Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981). As all decent companies we take this obligation very seriously indeed and will stop work (or not even start) if an active nest is found. Prior to works commencing a full check of each tree for nesting birds will be carried out. Only when the team leader on site is happy that there are no such issues will work commence.

In the Canterbury schools such as Swalecliffe School nr. Whitstable we new carrying out much smaller works, small dead wood removal, re-instating a lovely willow arch and pruning some trees for height access.

All of the schools we work at are repeat customers, that have an independent trees safety audit carried out annual and then ask us to do the re-active work.