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What is Arboriculture?

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What is Arboriculture?

Below are some definitions of what Arboriculture is:

Arboriculture .Noun: the cultivation of trees or shrubs [Latin arbor tree + culture]

Arboriculture is the cultivation and management of trees within the landscape. This includes the study of how trees grow and respond to cultural practices and the environment, as well as application of cultural techniques such as selection, planting, care, surgery and removal.

The main focus of arboriculture is amenity trees; such trees are maintained primarily for landscape purposes for the benefit of human beings. Amenity trees are usually in gardens, parks or urban settings, and arboriculture involves aspects of plant health, pest and pathogen control, risk management, and aesthetic considerations. Trees offer cultural and natural heritage benefits beyond production of wood products; for this reason, arboriculture needs to be distinguished from forestry, which is the commercial production and use of timber and other forest products from plantations and forests.

Practitioners of Arboriculture are called “Arborists” commonly known as Tree Surgeons.