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Case Study No. 10 Ash Dieback on the A2 Road in Faversham, Kent

Case Study: Addressing the Impact of Ash Dieback on Roadside Trees Along A2 Road in Faversham, Kent

Client: The Duchy of Cornwall

Location: Faversham, Kent, along the A2 road.

The Duchy of Cornwall, responsible for managing extensive landholdings across the UK, recognised the urgent need to address the impact of Ash Dieback (Hymenoscyphus fraxineus) on roadside trees along the A2 road in Faversham, Kent. About Trees Ltd. was engaged to undertake a comprehensive tree removal project to mitigate the risks posed by dead and dying ash trees, aligning with the Duchy’s commitment to responsible land stewardship and community safety.

The primary objective of the project was to remove dead and dying ash trees affected by Ash Dieback along the A2 road to enhance safety for road users and pedestrians. The Duchy aimed to address the environmental and safety concerns posed by the spread of this destructive fungal disease.

1. Impact of Ash Dieback: The proliferation of Ash Dieback posed significant risks to public safety and ecosystem health along the A2 road corridor.
2. Heavy Traffic: Managing tree removal activities amidst heavy traffic flow required careful planning and coordination to ensure minimal disruption.
3. Environmental Considerations: Balancing the need for tree removal with ecological sensitivities and landscape preservation along the roadside.

About Trees Ltd. collaborated closely with the Duchy of Cornwall to develop a strategic approach tailored to the unique challenges posed by Ash Dieback:
1. Site Assessment: Conducted a thorough assessment of affected ash trees along the A2 road corridor to identify dead and dying specimens requiring removal.
2. Safety Protocol Integration:Incorporated safety protocols specific to Ash Dieback management to ensure the safe execution of tree removal activities.
3. Traffic Management Strategy: Developed a comprehensive traffic management plan to minimise disruptions, prioritising access from the field side to reduce costs and traffic congestion.
4. Stakeholder Engagement: Engaged with local authorities, environmental agencies, and community representatives to communicate the necessity of tree removal and gather input on mitigation measures.
5. Replanting Initiatives: Developed plans for replanting with alternative tree species to restore biodiversity and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the roadside landscape.

1. Weekend Works: Carried out tree removal operations over the weekend to minimise disruptions to weekday traffic flow and local activities.
2. Environmental Mitigation: Employed best practices for the disposal of ash tree remnants and implemented replanting initiatives to restore ecosystem balance.
3. Regulatory Compliance: Ensured compliance with environmental regulations and obtained necessary permits for tree removal and replanting activities.
4. Community Outreach: Notified local residents, parish council, and the local council of the proposed works out of courtesy, providing detailed information on the project and its objectives.
5. Ecological Guidance: Followed strict guidance from ecologists regarding the approach and expected outcomes of the project, particularly as the site was designated as a “bat corridor,” ensuring minimal disruption to bat habitats and adherence to conservation requirements.

The collaboration between About Trees Ltd. and the Duchy of Cornwall resulted in a successful mitigation of the impact of Ash Dieback along the A2 road in Faversham, Kent, achieving the following outcomes:
1. Enhanced Safety: Removal of dead and dying ash trees mitigated potential risks to road users and pedestrians, enhancing public safety along the A2 corridor.
2. Environmental Responsibility: Implemented measures to address the spread of Ash Dieback and restore ecological balance through replanting initiatives.
3. Community Engagement: Fostered positive relationships with stakeholders through transparent communication and engagement, garnering support for mitigation efforts.
4. Long-Term Sustainability: Contributed to the long-term health and resilience of the roadside ecosystem by replanting with diverse and resilient tree species.

The tree removal project along the A2 road in Faversham, Kent, exemplifies About Trees Ltd. and the Duchy of Cornwall’s commitment to proactively addressing environmental challenges while prioritising public safety and community well-being. Through careful planning, stakeholder engagement, adherence to ecological guidance, and adherence to best practices, the project successfully mitigated the impact of Ash Dieback, leaving a positive legacy for the community and the natural landscape.

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