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High Winds in Kent – The Impact on Trees in Full Leaf and How to Protect Them

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High Winds in Kent – The Impact on Trees in Full Leaf and How to Protect Them

As Kent’s leading tree care company, About Trees Ltd., we are passionate about sharing our extensive knowledge about tree care. A topic that holds considerable relevance, particularly during the warmer months, is the impact of high winds on trees in full leaf.

High winds and summer storms in Kent can pose unique challenges to our trees. While winds can play a role in strengthening trees, they can also be a force of destruction, causing serious damage to trees in full leaf.

The most prominent issue with high winds during the summer in Kent is their unpredictable nature. Strong winds can cause even healthy trees to bend and sway, potentially leading to root failure, branch breakage, or even total tree failure. The problem is amplified when a tree is in full leaf – the leaves act like sails, increasing the tree’s surface area exposed to wind.

What’s more, high winds can lead to a phenomenon known as windthrow, where trees are uprooted entirely by the force of the wind. Windthrows are often a result of the saturated soils following heavy rainfall in Kent’s summers, which reduce the soil’s stability and grip on the tree roots. This phenomenon can be highly destructive, damaging property and causing injuries.

The risk factor is further increased when high winds coincide with heavy rainfall. Wet soils can destabilise trees, while the additional weight of water-laden leaves can further stress them. As such, it’s crucial to monitor weather forecasts and stay vigilant about potential storm threats.

We at About Trees Ltd., Kent’s professional arborists, understand these risks and provide preventative measures to help protect your trees. Regular pruning by trained arborists, like our team, can reduce the leaf area exposed to wind and help create a more streamlined structure. We also offer comprehensive tree surveys, assessing the stability of your trees considering factors such as species, health, age, and location.

Planting trees in groups or utilising windbreaks can also help reduce the impact of high winds. These strategies can buffer the trees, reducing wind speed and decreasing the chances of individual trees being uprooted.

Our team of certified professionals at About Trees Ltd. is dedicated to providing expert tree care in Kent. We aim to protect your trees from potential damage caused by high winds while ensuring their longevity and safety.

In conclusion, while high winds can pose a significant risk to some of our trees in full leaf, in Kent, there are numerous strategies to mitigate these risks. Regular maintenance and professional tree care is key to the health and safety of your trees.

Don’t wait for the high winds of summer to remind you of the importance of tree care. Contact About Trees Ltd., your trusted tree care company in Kent, today for a comprehensive tree health check. Let’s work together to ensure your trees are as prepared as they can be for the unusual challenges of the season.