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Case study portfolio

CAse study portfolio

70 metre hedge reduction in Faversham using a MEWP

Quite possible the only way to reduce the overall height of this hedge was by using a MEWP. We hired a suitable 16metre machine in from Nationwide Platforms. The functionality for this machine meant it could be driven whilst in the bucket itself and the reach enabled us to reach even the furthest points. There are several members on the About Trees team that have the qualifications to use this type of machine.

Using a MEWP ….Why?
Following concerns raised by neighbours, our client accepted the report on the health of the trees that we provided along with the suggestion of remedial works. They instructed us to carry out the works so we set to the task in hand.

Extra staff.
The job was made even more challenging by the public footpath that ran underneath one side of the hedge. Naturally we signed this area, to make pedestrians aware of over head operations and made use of extra staff the patrol the footpath. SAFETY FIRST! Thanks to our efforts, all went as planned and the hedge (even if I do say so) turned out fantastic. Safe and attractive.

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