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Case study portfolio

CAse study portfolio

Climbing tree surveys for the team to end the year on

Climbing tree surveys
A new client decided to ask us to carry the works out from a ground based tree survey. And then carry out a climbing survey and make recommendations based on our observations. I tried to end the year on a good climbing  job for the team to enjoy and so this was out last job for 2016. This is what climbing tree surveys entail, photos are taken, wounds/cracks measured and fed back to the client.

What trees?
Nestled away in the countryside near Faversham in Kent this site has wonderful specimen trees, we were tasked to climb a huge Sequoia and the Cedrus as pictured.

What did we do?
Joe and Chester climbed the trees, extra rescue lines were installed into the crowns of the trees. They then removed ivy from the crowns to enable better ground based visual inspections. At this time they also took out major deadwood. The final tree was a re-pollard of a lapsed Lime pollard. I wanted to show the client what we could do and as such offered a very favourable rate so that we could win the contract. Already we have received very favourable feedback see our Client Reviews page and been asked to quote for more work.  

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