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Case Study No.5 Emergency Tree Management at The Chestfield Barn Pub:

 Emergency Tree Management at The Chestfield Barn Pub: A Swift Response by About Trees Ltd

In response to a critical situation following severe winds, About Trees Ltd swiftly mobilised to address an emergency tree management scenario at The Chestfield Barn Pub. A tree had snapped and lodged itself within another tree over the pub’s car park, posing immediate safety concerns and resulting in revenue loss due to the closure of the car park. This case study outlines our rapid response and efficient resolution of the situation, showcasing our dedication to ensuring safety and minimising disruption to our clients’ operations.

The Chestfield Barn Pub, a cherished establishment known for its warm ambiance and friendly service, faced an unexpected challenge when high winds caused a tree to snap, endangering the car park area. Recognising the urgency of the situation, About Trees Ltd swiftly intervened to mitigate the risks posed by the fallen tree and restore normalcy to the pub’s operations.

Our primary objective was to remove the hazardous section of the tree that had snapped and was resting in another tree, thereby eliminating the immediate safety risk to patrons, staff, and property. Additionally, we aimed to expedite the reopening of the car park to minimise revenue loss for The Chestfield Barn Pub.

Planning and Logistics:
Upon receiving the emergency callout, the team at About Trees Ltd immediately assessed the situation and formulated a comprehensive plan of action. Equipped with the necessary tools and expertise, we coordinated the deployment of a Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) to safely access and remove the hazardous tree section lodged within the other tree.

Upon arrival at the site, our skilled arborists promptly deployed the MEWP to reach the precarious tree section. With meticulous precision and strict adherence to safety protocols, we carefully manoeuvred the equipment to access the tangled branches and safely lower them to the ground, thereby eliminating the immediate threat to the pub’s property and operations.

Following the successful removal of the hazardous section, our team proceeded to systematically fell the remaining portion of the tree in a controlled manner, ensuring minimal disruption to surrounding structures and vegetation. Throughout the operation, we maintained clear communication with The Chestfield Barn Pub’s management team to keep them informed of our progress and ensure alignment with their expectations.

Results and Impact:
About Trees Ltd’s rapid response and effective tree management efforts resulted in the swift resolution of the safety hazard posed by the snapped tree. By promptly reopening the car park, we helped mitigate revenue loss for The Chestfield Barn Pub and restored peace of mind for patrons and staff alike. Our proactive approach and commitment to safety reaffirmed our reputation as trusted arborists capable of delivering reliable solutions in emergency situations.

The emergency tree management project at The Chestfield Barn Pub underscores About Trees Ltd’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding our clients’ interests and ensuring the safety of their premises. Through strategic planning, efficient execution, and transparent communication, we swiftly resolved a potentially hazardous situation, minimising disruption and restoring normalcy for our client. This case study exemplifies the importance of proactive tree care and emergency response capabilities in preserving the well-being of businesses and communities alike.

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