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Case study portfolio

CAse study portfolio

Huge Atlas cedar (Cedrus atlantica) in Ashford

This tree has habitually shed large limbs in high winds over the last few years. This time the damage was substantial with several large (trees on their on right) branches torn and hanging up, damaging other branches. It was deemed both too large and too dangerous to use traditional climbing/rigging methods.

We organised the hire of a 60 tonne crane and arranged for a temporary road to be installed to keep damage on the ground to a bare minimum. At no time did we expect the client to either organise this or supply down payments.

Over the course of the day, we lifted 6 damaged limbs each weighing on average 3 tonnes and safely processed them. As you expect we attracted a great deal of attraction and the local council were kept in the loop at all times.

The tree remains but a call will be made soon as to it’s long term retention.

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