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Case study portfolio

CAse study portfolio

Re Pollarding Poplar trees

A row of 3 Populus italica “Nigra” needed to be re pollarded at a client’s house in Whitstable. These trees were long overdue and by their nature had developed pockets of rot at the old pollard points. After a risk assessment it became clear that climbing the trees by traditional methods a no go. Seeing as we are qualified in the use of MEWPs in Arboriculture (IPAF certified) this was our only option. Re Pollarding Poplar trees can be a very dangerous undertaking. Safety as always is top priority.

Sounds expensive?
Quite often the cost of having a MEWP on site is out weighed by the efficiently savings these excellent machines bring. The job was completed a day quicker and so in many ways not only did the cherry picker pay for itself, it also saved our client money. WIN WIN.

What areas do you cover?
We will work anywhere our clients want us to. Based in Kent we cover the entire county and many of the surrounding ones also. We can arrange any plant to be delivered on site so that the job in hand is carried out professionally and most of all safely.  

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