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Conservation Applications

There are many Conservation areas Kent, if you live in a Conservation area your trees will be protected, this means that any tree surgery works that you may want carried out will have to have a formal planning application lodged with your council, detailing what works you require doing. This can be a complex undertaking depending where you live with site plans and location maps as well as reports and detailed descriptions needing to be provided. This is a service that about…trees provides for free.

You may not live in a conservation area however your tree could still be protected. TPO’s (Tree Preservation Orders) are placed on trees by the local council to protect any tree that has a strong amenity value. Maybe it’s a rare specimen of a particular species or that it’s just the only tree in the vicinity. An application also has to be made to carry out works on these trees be it from tree pruning to tree felling, every TPO application has to include; site plans and location maps as well as reports and detailed descriptions of proposed work. about…trees will undertake this on your behalf for free. There are exemptions to TPO’s and Conservation area protections, these are if the tree is dead, dying or dangerous.

Because about…trees does this in the correct way and does not cut corners we have built up a good working relationship and reputation amongst the various Kent council tree officers that we deal with on weekly basis.