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Are we really raking it in?

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Are we really raking it in?

It’s that time of year when all reputable tree companies should be fully booked and working hard – we are now booking into the new year. But are we really raking it in?

It’s true that having Arborists at your property is an expensive undertaking. You’re paying for experience, professionalism and trustworthy people on site.

What you are also playing for is;

Chipper £20k, Stump grinder £10k, Chainsaws x4 £3k, Climbing Kits £2k, associated tools £1k, Ladders £500 not to mention the truck itself 2 or 3 qualified and ticketed men on site, PPE for those men £1k, £10millon insurance, not forgetting trade accreditation’s.

This is pretty much the standard kit on most jobs, there’s no expensive rigging or really specialist equipment included in the above list.

These costs are substantial (there’s always on going repair costs also) and make up a great deal of the daily rate that you may be charged.

You can rest assured that your average tree company is not making the money you think they are.

What’s more crucial is that when you find quotes that are significantly cheaper than others they are cutting corners. Something is not right – maybe no insurance? Maybe not paying their workers a decent wage? Maybe using unsafe tools and machinery? Who knows.