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Wildlife and Ecology

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Wildlife and Ecology

About Trees Ltd is committed to sustainable Arboricultural practices, environmental responsibility, and the protection of wildlife and ecology in all our tree care operations. This policy reflects our dedication to these principles, aligning with current directives and best practices in the United Kingdom.

This policy applies to all tree care operations carried out by About Trees Ltd within the United Kingdom.

About Trees Ltd is dedicated to preventing harm to wildlife and the environment as a result of our tree care activities. We will proactively safeguard European protected species, bats, nesting birds, and other local wildlife.

Before commencing tree care work on any site where there is a potential risk to protected species or local wildlife, we will conduct comprehensive wildlife assessments.

Our tree care methods will be meticulously planned and executed to minimise environmental risks to the lowest practicable level, incorporating current best practices.

About Trees Ltd is committed to fostering a working culture that encourages responsible conservation practices among our tree care professionals and partners.

When specific environmental interface issues are identified before, during, or after our tree care operations, we will actively seek guidance from qualified ecologists or other specialists.

Our company is dedicated to adhering to not only legal requirements but also industry best practices related to wildlife and ecology protection in the UK.

To fulfil our commitment to wildlife and ecology protection, About Trees Ltd sets the following objectives:

- Strictly adhere to all relevant wildlife and ecological legislation, guidance, and best practices in the UK.

- Remain proactive in staying updated on and implementing current directives related to wildlife and ecology protection.

- Continually promote a working culture that champions responsible conservation practices in the Arboricultural industry.

- Contribute to the responsible management of local ecology.

- Identify and safeguard wildlife populations in areas where tree care operations are conducted.

We will provide ongoing training and education to our employees on wildlife and ecological best practices in the field. We actively encourage our clients to participate in our efforts to protect local wildlife and ecology during tree care operations.

This policy will be communicated to all individuals working for or on behalf of About Trees Ltd, ensuring broad awareness and adherence to our commitment to wildlife and ecology protection. We will regularly review and update this policy to remain aligned with the latest directives and best practices.